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Control, safety and efficiency are just three of the company’s principles that AXF follows to 360°, from the design of the product, to the relationship with reliable and certified suppliers, from the optimisation of production processes to logistics and after-sales assistance.


The AXF Service focuses maximum attention on the customer even in the phases which follow the purchase of our products. AXF have an efficient and available Customer Care Service and qualified technical staff able to assist you with any request and meet your needs with professionalism and courtesy.

The entire AXF range of spare parts can be found in the AXF warehouse. The accurate maintenance of braking systems and replacement of AXF spare parts are essential for the correct function and safety on the road of the supplied products.

AXF recommends that the entire braking system is subjected to a comprehensive review at least once a year, with the complete disassembly of the brake disc and checking of all the component parts.


To meet the various production needs, AXF offers the possibility of creating tailor-made axles and stubaxles, providing its technical expertise for every type of customisation.

AXF is not simply a supplier of products, but is above all a supplier of services, able to constantly orientate its own production towards the individual needs of each customer.


The experience and certification acquired by FRENCO (EN ISO 9001:2008) in the production of brake shoes is the real added value of AXF AxlesFRENCO, the total guarantee of quality in the production of the axles and the couplings.

In addition to size checking through 3D equipment and resistance tests of the friction materials used, AXF production is tested using a test bench for the gas springs of the emergency brake system and using static behaviour tests of the elastic suspension. An inertia brake test bench is used for their design and approval. A complete and totally reliable control system, as confirmed by leading certification bodies, which find support in AXF for testing the efficiency of the braking units.

Finally, AXF performs road tests of the axles and couplings in the awareness that it is the performance “on the field” that decides the quality and perfect efficiency of the product.