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For almost fifty years FRENCO Srl has been specialised and appreciated all over the world for the production of brake shoes. Based on these decades of experience AXF has laid the grounds for developing its new core business: AXLES WITH BRAKE.
The braking capacity of a trailer is closely linked to its overall weight at full load; therefore it is crucial to choose the product which is most suitable for your own needs. Choosing AXF means choosing the best product in relation to your needs.

Fitted with an inertia braking device which has been tested according to the European standards for many years (directives no. 71/320/EEC – 98/12/EC), the AXF axles with brake have a variable load capacity of 750 Kg to 1,800 Kg, and specific higher capacity models from 2,500 kg to 3,500 kg, can be made on request.



How to choose an axle

AXF is able to supply the exact product you need, but to do so we need your help! When purchasing an axle it is good to take into consideration the following technical specifications of the product:

For more information, we recommend to read and download our technical sheets. For further questions or specific requests please contact the qualified AXF technical office.