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A new brand, a new partner.

AXF AxlesFRENCO, a brand of FRENCO Srl, is a young company that has been present on the national and international market since 2010. The company specialises in the production of torsion axles, braking systems, components and spare parts for towing equipment and light trailers (with a full load weight lower than 3,500 kg) mainly for the road sector. Our product range has various fields of application such as trailers for transport, boats, motorbikes, vehicles, goods, animals, caravans and other specific applications which we are able to manufacture upon the request of the end customer.

AxlesFRENCO was born from the long-lasting experience of FRENCO, already known in the sector for almost 50 years for the production of brake shoes, braking systems and bonded friction materials for the agricultural, industrial and automotive sectors. The highly qualified company team boasts a long and proven professional experience which it wanted to make available also in the field of the axle and torsion braking system production.

The continuous improvement of production processes, innovation of product, production in accordance with sector standards and quality are just some of the cornerstones of the AXF company philosophy. Quality also means focusing on customers and their own specific needs, an approach supported by the flexible Customer Care department that provides continuous assistance at every relationship stage and ensures that the expectations of every customer are met.


To compete on the international market: with quality, expertise and passion.


Within the new economic and industrial environment which is even more globalised and competitive in which it is situated, today it is crucial for AXF AxlesFRENCO to invest in research and development in order to always keep updated on European standards in comparison with other sector companies.

For this reason, AXF avails itself of a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers for the study, design and improvement of its products through the latest design technology based on CAD software, structural analysis and testing, prototyping and test simulations.


AXF specialises in the production of torsion axles for tow equipment and light trailers with a full load weight lower than 3,500 kg. These trailers are technically defined as such because in addition to being fitted with inertia brakes, they use torsion systems with rubber suspensions.

The rubber elements pressed inside the axle body have the function of shock absorbers: due to this type of durable and long-lasting suspension which is easy to mount, AXF ensures safety, practicality and a good road grip as well.